Here at Community Real Estate, we love helping people find the perfect rental!  We really believe in building community one home at a time!  When you live, in a Community Real Estate managed property, it means you get a full range of services!
  • We help by taking Move In / Move Out Photos to document the state of the property.
  • We do Regular Property Inspections to check property conditions.
  • We provide Lease Documents and Required Disclosures for file retention.
  • We offer Maintenance Services Requests through an online portal, available 24/7.
  • We offer Payment Portals for easy online payment of rent.

Interested in applying for a rental?

If you’d like more to start the process to rent a new home, then please click the button below.  This will direct you to PDF to PRINT OUT, fill out and bring into us.

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    Below you will find a button that says pay rent here.  This is the new place to find your rent portal.  Nothing else has changed on the back-end so no need to worry about things being too different!

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    This is where you can scheduled maintenance.  Nothing on the back-end has changed so everything is just as it was before.  As always should something arise please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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