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People's Experiences

Rebecca Odau

We are grateful for your quickness in how you handled everything, being in a hotel for 77 days had taken its toll. We were ready to get in a house. And you made everything move so quickly. I couldn't even get other companies to return an email. We never got that feeling from your office. So thank you!!!

Board Members, Multiple Associations, Fairfield

LLW Properties pays attention to detail and takes a creative approach towards solving homeowner association issues. We have been board members in two different homeowner associations managed by LLW, and the knowledge and temperament of their seasoned Association Managers contributed greatly to the success of the HOA Boards we served on.

President, Townhouses, Vallejo

LLW is the most effective management company our complex has ever worked with during my residence. They are knowledgeable, quick to respond, provide excellent damage control in emergency situations, and effectively coordinate service providers including repairmen, landscapers, contractors and security systems maintenance. They have also provided educational programs at no cost to board members which enables the board to understand and act more effectively. Their staff is professional and courteous and has extensive experience in condo property management.

Board Member, Condominium, Benicia

We have had four management companies and LLW is the best by far. They know the rules and regulations on condos and have been excellent in assisting us with some legal issues.

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People's Experiences

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